Using FriendFeed to automatically Twitter your new blog posts

I never gave too much attention to FriendFeed until today. I was looking for a list of all social networking sites and I knew FriendFeed aggregated feeds from a selection of social networks. I did find what I was looking for, I also found a bit more. I had some trouble finding the list though so I'll tell you where to click to find it. My first thought was to look for the tool that allows me to add feeds to my feed. That's what FriendFeed is for, but it turns out it's not so intuitive. I found two links and both are named add/edit and nothing explains what the links do (and one of them appears after hovering your own name for a few seconds...), they are just floating around in the void, if only they named the links add/edit services (or something very similar).

Updating Twitter via FriendFeed

Anyway, I tried adding feeds from my blogs and other social profiles to see how it worked. Then I took a look at the tools and found out that FriendFeed can tweet your feed entries automatically for you. Not only that, but you can select which services get feeded to Twitter. So, all you have to do is to check the box to post entries automatically on Twitter and check the boxes for the services you want to display on Twitter.

FriendFeed Twitter settings

Once you save the settings, FriendFeed will twitter any future posts from the selected services automatically for you.

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