Blog Scope

I have a formation in Software Engineering and my work is my passion. Everyday, all the time my mind analyzes the world around me through my programmer's eyes. There are many things I think about that I would just forget if I didn't write about them so I might as well share my thoughts for the benefit of other people.

As you can see in my About page, I'm mostly interested in Web development. When I talk about code, it will usually be about one of the following: C#, ASP.NET, SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. However, most of the times the ideas discussed in my blog won't be about a particular language.

The subjects I most interested in are software engineering, Web engineering and usability. I also like to talk about the tools I use to develop applications or for my personal benefit, ways to improve my efficiency at work. I may throw some code snippets from time to time for issues that bothered me and had trouble solving.

Who is this for?

First of all, it's for me, it feels good to write those things down and I'll be happy if it helps a fellow developer in the process. This blog will be about development (mostly Web), programming and software engineering.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my posts and don't hesitate to post your thoughts and comments.

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A web developer's musings on software, product management, and other vaguely related topics.